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Utah Small Business Development Centers

Welcome to Utah Small Business Development Center - Online, Hosted by Utah State University Extension. Whether you're a seasoned professional or bootstrapping your first venture, this is the gateway for business help, counseling, training and research.

Free Business Help, Counseling, and Research. It's what we do!

Counseling & Coaching

   What you can expect

   What you won’t get…
  • False Hope
  • Ignored
  • Work done for you
   Your part…
  • Put in the effort
  • Complete assigned tasks
  • Report your success

Training Classes & Seminars

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These classes and seminars are presented face-to-face and online. You choose the formal option or the pajama option! While counseling is free of charge, there is usually a minimal charge for class time. Usually just enough to cover our costs.


We are your source for business information. We can provide local, state and national information both 1st person local and through our research center, SBDCNet at the University of Texas, San Antonio.