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Business Turnaround

Follow the program in order to advance through the entire program. Submit your work for analysis and counseling. This is crucial and one of the reasons you must be a client to enroll in this course. The data, without outside assistance will be of little use to you. After completing a section and receiving feedback from your counselor, then and only then move on to the next section.


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Computer Sheets      Section 1, Situation Analysis

       In this section we analyze your business, where it's at and where it might be able to go. It is the first step to take        toward the turnaround. We can't turn the ship around if we don't know where it's going.



      Section 2, Create a Recovery Team

       Now you need to put together the group that will make the changes necessary to save the business. These        people will make the hard choices.



      Section 3, Cash Flow

       Cash is King. If you are bleeding cash it's time to stop. Forget Band-aids. If it's a scratch put a bandage on it. If         it's a cut, put a tourniquet on. If it requires a tourniquet, amputate. Overkill will be the only way to survive.



      Section 4, Loose Ends

       The patient has a heartbeat! Now is the time to make minor corrections and adjustments. Earlier you were using         a jackhammer. Now you will use watch repair tools.



      Section 5, Celebrate Success

        If you have made it this far, chances are you will survive. Now it's time to celebrate.