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Welcome to the Business Classroom

All classes require an entry code, which is supplied to you upon request when you register as a client. Some classes have a fee and that fee is stated in the course description. If not otherwise stated, the training is free.

Business Turnaround Training

First thing you should know? Completing this course, following the program and doing what it takes to save a business will be the hardest thing you have ever done in your life. Right now, you should ask yourself if it is worth the sacrifice. We will attempt to show you the steps that need to be taken to turn your business around. If you aren't at the point of collapse, congratulations. There is definitely information here to help you but, if you have hit the bottom, this is the training you need.

Turnaround Intro Video - A video giving an overview of the Business Turnaround class

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Registering Your Business

The state of Utah has a one-stop business registration website which can be found by clicking here, that "simplifies" the business registration process. This course is a series of videos that simplifies (and explains) the simplified process. There's also video instructions for filling out the SS-4, TC-69 and DWS Status Report for those who would prefer to register their business Old School, and simply fill out the forms.

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Business Payroll Tax

Filing your payroll tax reports can be a quarterly nightmare, especially if you haven't prepared for them. This course will walk you through the process from the New Employee Forms all the way through the W-2 & W-3 at year end. There is also some instruction on proper record keeping to make filling out the quarterly forms as painless as possible.

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