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Free Online Business Counseling

All counseling provided by the Utah Small Business Development Center Network (SBDC) is provided free of charge. The only requirement is to be a registered client. Registration provides the counselor with necessary information to assist you and it protects you. All SBDC counselors are bound by Federal Regulations when it comes to divulging registered client information and/or ownership of a competing business.

Online counseling is provided through a variety of delivery methods.

Email - Our most popular form of online counseling.


Teleconference - For multiple participants.

If you would like to work on your business on your schedule at your convenience (even in your pajamas eating cold pizza) then online counseling may be the right option for you.

Get Started

Getting started is simple. Click Here for Online Counseling. You will be taken to a form to fill out and request assistance. Once finished, an email request will be sent to one of our certified counselors. We strive for a 24 hour turnaround. You may receive a response in only a few minutes. If you are submitting a request after hours on a week-end or during a holiday when the office is closed, there may be a slight delay.


All counseling is provided free of charge... However,

As a result of the Government Performance Results Act, initiated to assure effective use of Federal tax dollars, we will ask you to respond to surveys concerning your business efforts over the next three years.

You are the only federally acceptable source for this data and we ask that you make every effort to respond when surveyed, in order to assure the continued availability of this program.

Fulfilling your responsibility with this regulation also enables us to provide free promotion of your business, on a state-wide level, through our success story program.