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If you are to the point of bankruptcy, don't waste time looking for help here. Your best option now is to retain a good attorney. Enough honesty for you? Sadly, if you've already arrived at a point where your only option is bankruptcy, the longer you wait, the worse it will get.

If you feel there is still hope, then you are at the right place. The first thing you should do is become a client of the Utah Small Business Development Centers and seek counseling. We specialize in bringing businesses back from the brink. We will also tell you right up front if it is our opinion that you should look at exit strategies. So, don't waste another minute. Request counseling by clicking here.

Training is Available

We have a class designed specifically for businesses in need of turnaround counseling. It uses tried and tested methods for saving businesses that have got in trouble. It won't be easy and it certainly isn't painless but, it can be done and our class will walk you through the training and give you the tools necessary to do it.

View a video introduction to the class by clicking here.

If you are interested in the training, you must first become a client as mentioned above. Once you have registered, tell your counselor that you are interested in the Business Turnaround class. The class is more than simply filling in some forms. Your counselor will go over your work after each assignment and be there to guide you through the items you don't understand. It is very interactive and impossible to do on your own.